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Welcome to Aalokan Academy for IAS / RAS / UGC NET JRF / ASSISTANT PROFESSOR / SCHOOL LECTURER / PGT TGT. Renowned for academic excellence for mentoring students preparing for civil services and lectureship exams, we offer memorable learning experiences through our courses and classes which have a long standing tradition of perfection and discipline. Aalokan’s teaching methodologies and experience in civil services examination coaching has lead to us amongst best civil services coaching in Jaipur.

Academy is Founded by GROUP OF EMINENT ACADEMICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS in 2016 when a group of students approached to teach them in a scientific way. All the academicians and bureaucrats are famous for producing top results of IAS / RAS / UGC NET JRF in their dynamic leadership at national level. Therefore, the Academy is a diverse community of scholars and academics who teach and provide a welcoming atmosphere for teaching and learning for career development.

The Academy is entirely dedicated for IAS / RAS / NET-JRF / ASSISTANT PROFESSOR RPSC & University Assistant Professor etc. and Founded by GROUP OF EMINENT ACADEMICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS with the goals of ‘No Profit, No Loss’.

UPSC Coaching in Jaipur

Aalokan Academy is one of the Jaipur’s premiere coaching institutes for aspirants preparing for recruitment exams conducted by UPSC namely the Civil Services Exam (IAS/IFS/IPS/IRS, etc.) Examinations. Aalokan Academy believe that this preparation requires a completely focused and holistic approach and hence we have brought to you the most exhaustive and extensive General Studies, Public Administration and other Main optional paper courses. We are the leading coaching institute in Jaipur that helps aspirants successfully attempt the Indian Civil Services Examination which is conducted by UPSC every year. We intends to fill this supply side gap in education sector.

We seek to equip RAS & IAS aspirants with the foundation and insights they need to clear one of the most prestigious papers of RAS & IAS examinations. As a dedicated and committed organisation, it is our goal to help them maintain the learner’s focus. We have extensive team of professors, researchers and research-fellows of all the sectors of RAS / IAS competitions, who on time-to time basis conduct sessions and set a high standard of excellence in teaching, research and service.

Coaching for UGC NET JRF / College Lecturer Exam in Jaipur

Now starting online- offline classes in Jaipur for UGC NET JRF / RPSC Assistant Professors of various subjects, Rajasthan PSI & RAS Foundation course, wherein eminent Professors and top Experts of the subject will be guiding the students. An exclusive test series are prepared of all three papers I / II (Subjects) & III (Rajasthan General Studies) for taking tests in twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday) online - offline.

RAS Coaching in Jaipur

Aalokan Academy, Jaipur is an well known name for the students aspiring to crack Rajasthan Administrative Services Examination.Our Institute has multiple batches of the Foundation Course, Pre Special Course and Mains Special Course.

Our Institute has an inspiring learning environment to all the RAS aspirants including one to one mentoring sessions on strategy building ,effective time management and catching up with the current affairs. With emphasis on constant assessment in the form of weekly tests followed with in depth explanations and weekly Indian and Rajasthan current affairs class.

We are proud of our guiding principles, which lead students to understand the basics and encourage them to question the facts / theories rather than just accepting them. Our effort is not only to provide them with a road-map to effective learning, but also to reassure them of our motivating concern during their journey on the road to success.

Our Idealogy

At Aalokan Academy, students are encouraged to develop a pattern that proves to be effective in the long run. In terms of learning, there is something new to discover and analyze each and every day. To know more about how we can help you inch closer to the dream of clearing RPSC & UPSC, get in touch with Aalokan Academy. The Academy affords a personal touch to all its students with small class sizes, quick student service and assistance in finding accommodation for students from outside.

Candidates appearing at this examination would be facing an examination which in many aspects differs from the university type exam. Consequently, the technique of preparation has to differ to suit the matrix of this examination. Preparation for most university examinations can be done at a leisure pace.

On the contrary, a candidate for the Civil & State Services Examination does not have much time at his disposal. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for this examination within a short time. Apart from vigorous preparation for at least one year, if candidates keep this examination in view for one more preceding year, they would be on the right path.

The Academy emphasizes on the nature of the preparation to be made, the pattern of setting the questions and how to tackle them, evoking their interest in the various areas of knowledge, and acquiring a picture-like view of the various themes to be studied.

All these dimensions of guidance would be PEDAGOGY projected as the teachers talk to the students in the sittings (no classes here) as per the schedule of work given to them at the time of enrolment. During the course duration the students will be spending on an average four hours every day in the Academy.

During the initial stages of preparation, aspirants are not clear with what to read in a newspaper and what might be avoided. Aalokan Academy provides a list of all important headlines to be read daily which helps you maintain focus on only relevant portions of the newspaper. Take down notes of all that seems important. Notes will be of great help during the revision as it is difficult to go back to everything in detail at the last minute. When there is more clarity - make notes of very, very important topics – just to say that important notes of current affairs in a week should be good enough.

It would be a good idea to make notes of the editorial sections of the newspapers, while all other current affairs are already provided in the ‘Aalokan’ magazine. While the ‘Focus’ magazine provides notes on all the contemporary issues, reading newspapers helps in understanding the overall context of the issue being discussed. Thus, both go hand-in-hand. While the magazine is a collection of notes prepared by professional faculty, taking down notes from newspapers will give added advantage for the preparation.

To help IAS RAS aspirants with newspaper reading, Aalokan Academy IAS makes YouTube Videos called “Daily News Simplified (DNS)” which guide students regarding what news and editorials to study, why to study as well as how to study them.


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Why Choose Us?

Personal attention to students

If you want to do anything in life, the key is to believe in yourself. Having faith in yourself is essential for your personality development. Every person is unique by birth. Naturally everyone is unique in his own right and nature, all that is needed is to awaken the dormant aspirations within the contestants and to hone the personality so that he turns into a motivated person towards his goal. Aalokan Academy team of experienced faculty is committed to achieve / get result oriented goals.

Hindi Medium

UPSC aspirants of Hindi medium often want to know what to read and what not to read while preparing for civil services exam. Here we have prepared a list of useful books and other sources based on the understanding of UPSC / RPSC toppers, their study methods and experience through this article and hope that this information will definitely help you in preparing for this exam properly. Will do. Aalokan Academy is fully committed to illuminate the merits of each one. Expert-team for preparation and effective writing in Hindi medium.

Limited batch size

Aalokan Academy is committed to teach students in small batch (Super 50) and students are urged to select the institute on the basis of their quality and student percentage. All parents, regardless of the environment they live in, from whatever economic social background, have developed a desire to educate their children and make them something. Keeping all these aspects in mind, Aalokan Academy is committed to deliver the best results by emphasizing on the most quality reading-skills curriculum at the lowest cost.

Online Classes

Aalokan Academy provides toppers notes to its students in both online and offline form and with special emphasis on test series. Because affordable coaching is as important for all the contestants as oxygen for breathing and clean water to drink and food for energy. To get success in competitive examinations, Aalokan Academy is fully committed to provide quality coaching to the needy participants at minimum fees.


Aalokan Academy is fully dedicated to problem solving through both online and offline mode. Aalokan Academy has signed MoU with the best Faculty of Delhi for the coaching of IAS including the schedule of classes and gets the classes taught by them. Aalokan Academy adopts a strategy based on weekly tests both online and offline and feedback from its students to achieve remarkable results.

Free IAS RAS coaching in Aalokan Academy Jaipur

Aalokan Academy has signed an MoU with the best faculty of Delhi to provide quality coaching for IAS-RAS. Now faculty of all subjects of Delhi best coaching will be available in Jaipur. The academy is being run under a missionary approach. Aspiring students who make IAS-RAS will be able to get the best coaching in Jaipur. Aalokan Academy is conducting a Mega Scholarship Test for IAS-RAS Talent Hunt, in which more than 25,000 scholarships will be given.

Aalokan Academy Scholarship cum Admission Test (AaSAT), 2021

Aalokan Academy conducts Aalokan Academy Scholarship Test (AASAT) before the start of the given course phase with no fee. It is mandatory to qualify AASAT for admission to all the courses in which AASAT is applicable. In addition, students can be enlisted and get scholarships on a trial basis without any fees. If the applicants are successful in getting the scholarship, the scholarship will be provided as a special discount only after taking admission in Aalokan Academy and the amount will be adjusted at the time of admission.

Aalokan Academy Scholarship Through Entrance Test (AaSET) Terms & Conditions

Aalokan Academy AASET is an Aalokan Academy Scholarship Test whose Admission Control (AASET) is conducted by Aalokan Academy for admission in their class package. Also, admission to the Aalokan Academy AASET exam is a must in any course, given preference in admission from AASET is relevant. Equally, applicants have to complete the Aalokan Academy AASET registration type to participate in Aalokan Academy ASAP.

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Dr Sawarnika


MK Mohit, ALS Delhi

History - English Medium

Vikas Chaubey Vijiram

Geography - Hindi Medium

Rahul Kumar

Science & Technology - Hindi Medium

SK Jha, Reddy IAS

Polity - English Medium

Rizwan Alam, Vajiram

Ethics- Hindi, English Medium
Experience : 10 Years
Faculty : Aalokan Academy

D.C. Bagdi

Social Affairs - Hindi Medium

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